Privacy statement updated May 15, 2018


We have updated our privacy statement in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Check out our updated description, which explains in more detail how we process and use your personal information securely.


This privacy statement describes how Kiddow Oy (Kiddow) handles the personal data of customers and potential customers.

• We collect your personal information when you do business in our online store, subscribe to our newsletter or otherwise do business with us.

• The information we collect may be one that you provide yourself when you shop at our online store or participate in a campaign. In addition, we process personal information that is stored while you use our online service (for example, cookies, location information and IP addresses). This information can usually only be combined with you through additional information.

• We process your personal information to deliver orders, implement and improve customer management and services. The processing of the collected data helps us to analyze the preferences and wishes of our customers.

• We process your personal information when we provide you with customer service and when we send customer communications. In addition, to the extent permitted by law, we will send you electronic direct marketing on the basis of consent or customer relationship, and we will use the processing of your personal data to target the marketing that interests you, for example using Facebook pixels on our website.

• We respect your privacy in all our processing. Where possible, we process pseudonymized data and segment information. We will not process information that may be linked to you unless it is necessary to fulfill the purposes of the processing.